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    my heroes (leaders, friends, daters)

    Relationship is important„ because people are created to be social being…

    We can’t live alone, we need others to grow.

    Apart from my family, there are a group of people who have special position in my heart, they have been coloring my life, impacting and influencing my life in so many ways..

    Those people whom I call leaders… thanks for all of your teaching, for investing your time to me.. for making me who i am today, simply by lending your ears„ thanks for all the responsibility that you put in my hands..


    Those people whom I call friends.. not just ordinary friends, they are my holy friends. These are my care bears„ I learn so many things from them…


    My d.a.t.e-rs„ I am grateful to have these people to share my life with, and to grow together as a family.


    And these two amazing brothers„ hahaha„ my ears, my trashbin„ ta ke and xiao ti ti, grateful for the amazing friendship!

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